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STOP Trying to Be Superman/Superwomen!

Do you delegate? If not why not? Give Yourself a Break! Stop being superwoman (superman for my male readers), it is perfectly ok to delegate jobs and tasks now so you don’t burn yourself out. I bet there are tasks/jobs you dont like doing, … Continue reading

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Persistance and Determination!

Having your own businesses is hard work, it’s very rewarding and sometimes it can be a little punishing too. So with all that in mind how determined are you to keep going when the going gets tough and the pain kicks … Continue reading

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Continuing Professional Development

How seriously do you take your professional development? Did you qualify and then forget about it all?   CPD is vital in any industry, but especially when you have your own business. I live by what I say and I … Continue reading

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I have an Accountant – Must I really understand my accounts?

You may be a business owner who doesn’t get excited about bookkeeping, taxes and financial statements. So, why not just hand your books over to the accountant and pay them to tell you what you need to pay at the … Continue reading

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Is there a market for your business?

Do you know if there is actually a market for your business? Have you done your market research? If so can you honestly answer the following questions? 1. Who is it aim at? 2. What is their age? 3. Are … Continue reading

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