Everyone Has a Book In Them (Or So They Say)!

They say that everyone has a book in them, and of course many people dream of writing a book one day, but most never manage it. My good friend Suzan St Maur has written many books as has my eldest brother Simon Janes, so I thought it was about time I got my act together and finally wrote my own!

Well I have been planning a workbook style book for a while now, but I have recently been commissioned to write a book on Customer Care which is a topic close to my heart. Last year I got through to the National Mumpreneurs UK Business Awards in the section of Best Supporting Business so it’s something that I take great pride in personally.

I have just spent the whole weekend planning the content and structure of the book which is all very exciting but now I have the hard bit. I have to keep to a deadline and ensure that I write a little (or more if possible) every day in order to complete it. My DISC personality analysis feedback says I am an establisher so I enjoy getting things started but I must admit I do struggle to finish something’s once the excitement has worn off.

So today I am making my goal public with the aim of having all of my clients, suppliers and blog readers as my accountability partners! Many thanks by the way for that lol. Having an accountability partner is a really powerful way of getting through the tough bits of a project and is something I seriously recommend to everyone. So is there someone you could call upon to be your own accountability partner?

We all have our faults and we often may not like to admit to them but I have just admitted to one of mine publicly and so now I promise that in the coming weeks I will keep you all up to date on my progress.

Now as a reward for helping me with this exciting project and keeping me on track I will ensure that all of my lovely blog readers, training clients and mastermind clients will receive special advance access to it before general release and at an even more special half price too so keep your eyes open and watch this space.

We all have a book in us and I am going to drag mine out kicking and screaming… Then you never know I may do it all over again lol… A pleasure and pain thing probably 🙂

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