Creating the Foundations of Success!

Yesterday evening a starting tutoring a new group of business owners on my brand new course Business Growth & Development at the fabulous Gosport Discovery Centre. This first session we discussed the importance of strong foundations and planning for the future.

During the session we discussed knowing where your business is now and how you can assess it to discover its successes, failures, strengths, weaknesses, oppportunities and threats as well as financial results! All of this information is vital before you can start to set yourself targets, goals and aims for the future, and yet sadly it still amazes me the number of people in business in general that either dont do this at all or dont know the answers to these essential questions!

Once you know where you are starting you can then begin to create strong foundations for growth and the development of your business whatever stage it is at or however old or young it is. We then explored 90 day planning as a tool for tackling those business planning tasks that sit on a to do list and never seem to get attacked.

Taking advantage of 90 day planning within your business is in my opinion one of the easiest and best methods for creating forward momentum and developing the structure, team and procedure that are essential for continuing busness success.

We then explored new product/service creation and development for businesses. Without new products or services being developed you can and will eventually start to lose clients. For myself it is a constant ongoing activity and one that I love. I take my lead from my clients by listening to their requirements, needs and desires. Just this last three weeks I have created and booked two new courses into my future diary due to demand! I dont stop providing my old courses of course, but I do constantly look for development areas.

By looking towards the future of your business regularly then you are ensuring its future!

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2 Responses to Creating the Foundations of Success!

  1. Jeremy Devlin-Thorp says:

    Thank you for the timely reminder, Elizabeth. It can be so easy to lose sight of the basics when ‘busyness’ takes over. Clarity and focus are so important, and I like your reference to the foundations of success. Keep them coming, Jeremy

    • Many thanks for your comment. I am glad that you found the blog useful, interesting and of course relevant! 🙂 if you want more from EAG then please make sure that you join us newsletter list as we have some really exciting news and developments coming up over the next month or two!

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