With Love and Passion…

Do you know one of the greatest marketing tools available to you? It also just happens to be free too!

Well let me share this with you… quite simply being proud of your business, services and products then talking to anyone and everyone about them with love and passion is one of the best ways to to get word out about your business and market/promote it. It never fails to amaze me the number of people that go to all the effort of creating a word perfect business pitch or elevator speech but never manage to express the excitement, love and passion that they have for their industry, topic or market. Personally call me mad if you so wish but I think you should love what you do and enjoy it so much that your business isn’t work and is quite simply fun and almost a hobby or labour of love. I even go to work and even present workshops and courses when I probably should be in bed while ill!

If you love what you do and can share that with your potential clients and clients it instantly shows , making you more approachable and demonstrating a real interest in your business. Why is this important well think about this for just a second… would you rather do business with someone that hates their business and would rather be anywhere but with you providing a great service or would you prefer to hire and use someone that loves their business, enjoys it and takes pride in what they do going above and beyond as a natural part of their business service? For me the answer is simple I want someone that wants to help me because they will do their best and not someone that will do the minimum they can to get paid.

If you speak with pride, passion and excitement about your business then it is clear to everyone around you! People will be more likely to talk to you or refer business to you – that has to be good surely!

I consider myself a very lucky lady as I love what I do and get so much satisfaction from it plus the added bonus of seeing other people succeed is an amazing feeling. So which camp are you in, love and passion or do it because you have to. If it happens to be the latter then I would advise you seriously reassess your business, target client types and even changing your business. If you are like me then tell the world… Use your email signature, online social media profiles and every chance you get to share your passion. I have even been known to talk an insurance salesman into becoming a customer of mine and gain business in the supermarket while cueing to pay for my shopping, last year I even sold two places on a training course to two ladies while walking my dogs and they were walking their own dogs!

Now don’t panic I am not a natural sales person in fact I actually hate pushy sales and feel I can’t do sales, but talking with pride, passion and excitement about my business and what I do is easy 🙂 What have you got to lose? Go for it and share the love! It’s Valentines Day this week coming so do yourself and your business a favour and share the love and reap the rewards!

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