I want to interview you for my next book!

Have you set up a new business within the last two years? Are there things you wish you knew then and if you could travel back to tell yourself what would they be?

I have been researching for my new book for the last six months and am now ready to start interviewing small business owners with new or nearly new small businesses that are happy to share their challenges, joys, blood, sweat and tears with others so that they may learn from them!

I am looking for 24 fabulous, amazing individuals that would be happy to be interviewed either privately or as part of a webinar. I would provide full credit to you within the book with links on my websites and within the book itself too.

This is too good an opportunity to turn down for free publicity and not only that but everyone that is interviewed will receive an amazing thank you package from EAG Consultancy including a complimentary coaching session and free access for 3 months to our new online training club for small business owners which is due for launch in April! These gifts alone will be worth over £280!

If you feel you have something to share like a story, tips or simply inspiration for others considering starting their own business or having just recently done so then please get In touch with me today. Email me at admin@elizabethgraney.co.uk and introduce yourself, tell me a little about your journey and then when would be a good time to contact you to speak. I will then contact all of you that contact us and interviews will begin at the end of the month for the next two months.

Go for it, take this opportunity and make 2012 amazing for yourself by sharing a little of yourself with others 🙂

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