Acquiring Email Addresses From Clients

I know that many of my clients and their businesses express concern in this topic and always ask but how can we gather email addresses for our newsletter, etc and keep within the legal demands of data protection pressed upon us! So I thought I would share with you a few ideas to expand your email list and enable you to reach further ready for the new year and more business 🙂

Ideas for List Development
1. Ensure that your website and or blog address are on everything and invite readers to sign up for your quality newsletter.

2. Encourage all staff to ask for an email from customers when they enquire or buy and ask their permission to send email offers, newsletters, etc.

3. Send out a letter to all your current client list and direct them to your website, explaining you would like their permission to send them a free report or a special discount for joining your newsletter.

4. When you send out press releases make sure you include details of your website with a direct link to your newsletter sign up too. Ensure that you include a brief description of the benefits of signing up too).

5. Try to get into the habit of asking everyone you met if they are already receive your newsletter and if they would like to.

Above is the top five tips for obtaining emails for your newsletter list both offline and online. Remember as far as Twitter and Facebook is concerned it is ok to just post a message every so often about it too. Just ensure that the sign up box on your website or blog is easily findable (normally toward the top of the page on the home page and where possible on every page), and simple to understand so you can encourage as many sign ups as possible. Also remember to only ask for the minimum of personal information eg first name and email address as the more you ask for the less likely they are to share it with you!

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