Your 2011, Your 2012! – secret tools!

So it’s finally December and we are approaching the end of the year again… how has your 2011 been? Was it everything you had hoped for? Did you get the results you aimed for and did you even have goals for 2011!

Well it’s not too late to make a difference within the last few weeks of the year and start your planning ready for 2012. Personally I managed to accomplish so much this year but the year seemed to slip away and left me with some goals uncompleted! However I have already started to plan for next year and have a secret tool too! What is that secret tool – my own fabulous coach (another one that is).

I started my strategy planning sessions back in October and already have some amazing plans ready for the new year together with SMART goals to support them. I even have the dates for my new training site members club launch already in my organiser!

2012 is going to be an exciting year, but also a year I accomplish everything I set my mind to. Do you dream of your plans or do you set SMART goals to help you obtain them? My other secret tool is accountability! I have discovered that when I have to be accountable to someone else for something then it happens and I do it, but if left to myself I often delay or make excuses. Self discovery and accountability is a tool often overlooked yet one of the most powerful tools that exists for actually getting things done.

I challenge you all now to make an assessment of 2011 and how it went for you, then make your plans, set your goals and consider your accountability read for a flying start in 2012! Make 2012 your self discovery year. I have already lined up another coach to work with next year but instead of a business coach this time it is a personal development coach so I can invest in some self discovery. In the early part of the new year I am even making it the focus of my time with my business coach too!

Remember you are the foundation of your business, career and life so with that in mind you are the expert on you. It is vital that you develop yourself, be true to yourself and continue your journey of self discovery too at all times. So with that in mind, here’s to 2012 and may it be all your plan for!

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