Using Your Imagination Rather Than Emotions

With the develop of several new workshops recently and starting my post graduate course I have been investing more time than even usual reading and researching new books and text, but this is an activity I adore and always find I learn huge amounts quite naturally. Some books and texts are easier to read than others, but the resulting reward from the new knowledge is always worth the effort!

Earlier this week I was attacking my Kindle and another new book this time on the topic on motivation and motivating both yourself and others around you. It has loads of wonderful ideas and inspiring stories in it and one in particular not only made me smile, but also caused me to think a little deeper than normal. I would like to share that story with you all now.

The genius solution to a difficult situation – a popular young girl was in her school class and noticed another young girl had managed to mark her nose with a permanent marker! The girl with the black mark on her nose was very shy and quite upset about the black mark however the delights of children being what they are it wasn’t long before several of the other children noticed and started to point then started laughing.

Well the little girl that originally noticed shy girls situation wasn’t very impressed with the others laughing, what did she do? Did she shout at them? Did she have a go at them? Did she decide not to get involved? NO, she calmly walked up to the shy young girl with the black mark on her nose who by now was in tears and she took the marker pen and marked her own nose too!

She then passed the pen to another friend and said “I don’t know about you but I think it looks quite cool!” that child then marked their nose too and passed the pen on… Before long the entire class all had black marker pen on their noses and at break time they are the envy and talk of the entire school with the shy little girl whom started it laughing with new friends!

Now the little girl whom had calmly added the pen to her own nose didn’t let her emotions rule her decision or choices and remained a close friend to the shy girl for many years to come. They were all under the age of ten and had simply used their imagination to solve a problem!

How often do you actually use your imagination these days when challenged with a problem or a particular situation? Do you let your emotions rule your head? Do you do what you always do as the answer? The young girl in this true story thought about the problem and then used her imagination to solve it! Children naturally use their imagination but sadly adults seem to to stop using their imagination or stretching it when faced with a challenge. So my challenge to all now is simply stop letting your emotions rule your decisions and start to use and develop your imagination again. Remember the power of that story and the children’s use of their imaginations and the use your own in your every day life, careers or businesses. I am sure you will be surprised at the results.

Already I have in less than one day started to stretch my imagination and seen results! Before you do something, react and maybe do the normal adult thing… Engage your imagination for a few seconds to discover the answers it may hold. If you think you have no imagination then think again, most of us dream in our sleep even if only occasionally and that is our imagination solving problems in our sleep so all you need do is engage with it while awake too!

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