New School Year – fresh start?

Well it’s that time of year again when all the children start or go back to school and the normal morning routine returns to many households across the country! For some it is the start of a new year and within Judaism September is the actual start of the hebrew new year later this month too. So what does this mean for businesses up and down the country?

It could be an opportunity to launch a campaign or fresh start for the owner to reach goals, etc. For myself its all of the above – my children (including my youngest at 4 years old) are all back at school, it is approaching the start of the new hebrew years (5772) and an apportunity to launch new courses, new workshops and new services! I personally love this time of year, the dark evenings closing in make the family home feel cosy, while the turning colours on the trees are simply stunning to see across the countryside.

Why am I am sharing all this with you I guess you are wondering! Well during the week I spoke to several people that were to be quite honest down about the autumn approaching, the weather, the chaos of school mornings etc and I want you to consider your mindset or out look on live. Are you the sort of person that is generally positive or are you one of those people that I spoke to earlier this week that is negative and pulling others down with them.

I want to challenge you all reading this post to set yourself a positive mindset for the rest of this month and discover the huge difference it can and will make to yourself. Each morning when you wake up stop and ask yourself the following questions before you leap out of bed and start your day –

  1. What has happened this year that makes you feel amazing? Think of three things
  2. What are you looking forward to today? Again three things please
  3. What have you achieved in your life that you’re proud of? Three things please
  4. What are you excited about in the next few months? Three things please
  5. Who in your life cares about you? Three please

Fantastic! Don’t you feel amazing knowing life has so much to offer, you have so many wonderful people around you and you have achieved so much? Develop the habit of using these questions or similar every morning and start every day with the power of positive thought and mindset. Life will suddenly become so much easier and enjoyable 🙂

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