Webinar – From Seriously Ill to Seriously Successful!

Meet Elizabeth Graney. Over the last twenty years she has had many successful businesses, but her last one nearly broke her physically, mentally and financially. But she didn’t let that stop her. Recovering from M.E. Elizabeth Graney applied all her previous business learning and has done what most coaches dream of – established a successful coaching business!

With Workshops, course and seminars booked 10 months in advance, she is now building her 1-2-1 VIP coaching service and e-learning service so she can help more people achieve their dream.

But how did she do it? I recently spoke with Elizabeth and discovered that her message and outlook is exactly the message we teach at Marketing Help For Coaches. When I asked her to share her ‘secrets’ to success and help other coaches achieve the same results, she jumped at it.

Elizabeth is a highly regarded coach who has helped her clients achieve amazing results in business. She has a proven history of creating businesses. Join us as we discuss exactly how she did it in this informative webinar:

Date: Thursday 11th August 2011,

Time: 8pm UK, 12pm PST , 1pm MT, 3pm EST

Where: Online. Please register for this webinar for login details

Sign Up Here – http://elizabethgraney.eventbrite.com/

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