Are you a winner?

Are you a winner? I am and I love it!

Today my youngest dog won his class (a large class it was too with some really high quality competition) in his dog show and only last week I was a finalist in the Hampshire Winning Women Business Awards! I love to win and am very competitive in nearly all I do. I believe in being the best I can be and doing the best I can in all that I do especially in my business.

Do you have aims and goals? Do you aim to be the best that you can be in your industry? Is it your goal to win something or be the best at something?

Having strong and high aims and goals is a secret to success in my opinion. In order to be successful in business it is vital that you have aims and goals and that you try your best in all that you do. Being a winner has many benefits too!

Think of the PR and the impression it can create with clients and potential clients. Even my dog winning his class this afternoon lead to a huge number of people seeking us out to talk to us, congratulate us and wishing to see our dog.

Now put that into a business context and maybe you will start to see the impact it could have on your business. This year I have so far been a finalist in one regional business awards and entered three more not due to be decided until later in the year and also have a list have several others both regional and national to enter later in the year when they open for entries.

All of this will lead to publicity for the business, possibly recognition of our services and high levels of customer care and quality. It can carry huge weight and make a huge difference to many people that they are considering a business and whether they are going to use it or not.

So when are you going to be a winner? Write it into your 90 day plan now and aim to enter at least three business awards. You will learn a lot about your business in the process, get to network with lots of other businesses and maybe even get lots of publicity too when you win! Go for it and be a winner 🙂

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