Chasing the Dream – part 1

Do you dream of starting your own business? Being able to
stay at home with your children? Escape a normal 9 till 5 job for a more
satisfying business? Maybe it’s financial success you desire? Well you are not
alone, more people are making the jump than ever before and it’s a journey full
of excitement, challenges and rewards! Starting your own business or even just
thinking about starting your own business can be very exciting, but for many it
is also quite a scary thought. Over the years I have started over ten
businesses, but the initial thrill is still there each time.

Building Your Dream Business

Before you can open the doors to your new venture there is a
lot to be considered, thought about and planned, it is all part of the journey.
I personally liken the planning of a new business venture whatever its size or
nature to the building of a home – let me explain further! You will need strong
foundations in the form of market research, firm walls in the form of a
business plan and marketing plan, a secure roof to cover your target clients,
service or products and possible staff. Then the cement that holds it
altogether is you in the centre! You are central to the dream, goal, desire,
and wish that you hold. You may already have an idea that you wish to run with,
but some people just know they want to have their own business and are not even
sure what it will be! At this stage that is not important and in some ways if
you come to this point with a completely open mind it may be easier for some of
you thinking about starting that dream business.

House structure comparision to business planning

Building for a successful business!

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