The Benefit of Testimonials

As we know, people tend to buy for many reasons, and customer testimonials can help give the final push they need when it comes to the purchaseof your coaching package.  Testimonials show potential clients what makes you great.  They convey a sense of proven results as well as giving a feeling of comfort knowing others were successful with your product.

Because our potential clients do not see the actual product, they rely on our word which sometimes isn’t enough.   Client testimonials will assure your prospects that they are receiving a quality product they securing the sale.  Let’s look at a few ways we can collect and make good use of testimonials in our coaching packages…

  • Target your top 20 clients by reaching out and offering an incentive for their testimonial.  It can be as simple as a link to their site under the completed, posted wordage.
  • Creating a survey and asking for feedback with permission to print.  Ask questions such as ‘Are you happy with our product or service?’
  • Be specific:  Don’t over edit.  You want your testimonials to be in their own words.  People can identify with small grammar mistakes.  It gives a “real” factor.
  • Post your testimonials!  Placement strategy will determine the effectiveness of those collected testimonials.  Don’t be afraid to post them in places other than a formal testimonial page.  Strategic spots such as directly under the Buy Now button on your sales page may just be the boost your potential clients need to become customers!
  • Share!    Don’t limit their use to just your website.  Add testimonials to your email marketing campaign as well as other marketing material you may send out.  Post on Twitter and Facebook.  A testimonial is meant to be read by many!

Client testimonials are a great way to motivate prospects to purchase your product.  They show the benefit of what your business is offering as they are perceived as unbiased and carry a great amount of weight in the public eye.  Encourage your clients to give testimonials, offer an incentive as a final push and share, share, share!

Have you found a great way to use testimonials within your business?  Share with us!

This fab post was written by – Posted on 01 June 2011 by Nicola Bird of Jigsaw Box – the Online Coaching Tool for Coaches and Trainers

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