STOP Trying to Be Superman/Superwomen!

Do you delegate? If not why not? Give Yourself a Break!

Stop being superwoman (superman for my male readers), it is perfectly ok to delegate jobs and tasks now so you don’t burn yourself out. I bet there are tasks/jobs you dont like doing, arent particularly good at doing or are simply just not worth your time professionally when you could be earning more doing something else!

If you don’t have anyone at home or in the business to help you out can you use other professionals to assist you?  Many business owners I know find getting someone to do their laundry, cleaning or even the kids sometimes can ease the pressure more than they realised. Having a good bookkeeper who will take away the boxes of receipts that is toppling over the edge of your desk and  present you with a neat spreadsheet will be worth their weight in gold.

Learning to let go of parts of your business and spending your time and energy where it is better invested make sense all round. You should build a professional support network of people you can call upon to help you with different areas of your business or personal life.

I discovered the delights of having a VA some time ago now and I would strongly recommend it as one of your first staffing investments after a good bookkeeper and or accountant! I am also just about to treat myself to a Marketing VA to take care of all the repetitive tasks there are that must be done but take so much of my valuable time.

Take the time now, today to sit down and examine where your time is spent and all the tasks you have to do or need to do or would like to do and then decide which you can delegate to someone else – its amazing just how much time you can reclaim to be your own again.

Time Management is a swear word to many people but used correctly it can become your best friend and a wonderful tool in the growth and success of your business and your own personal sanity too. We all know we should aim for a better work/life balance and this is a nice simple way of optaining just that 🙂 So treat yourself and go for it. Just it may need a little investment to gain but it is just that its an investment and not a cost, as you will be released to earn more elsewhere in the business creating an instead profit!

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