Persistance and Determination!

Having your own businesses is hard work, it’s very rewarding and sometimes it can be a little punishing too. So with all that in mind how determined are you to keep going when the going gets tough and the pain kicks in a little. I ask this after having attacked one of my flower beds ready for my new fuchsia cuttings to go in. I had to do it before I could transfer my new plants, but it was hard work, I broke one small spade, two pairs of rubber gloves and gave myself a large blister on my hand too!

Motivation is often a powerful tool when it comes down to facing hard work – look at the end result and the reward you will gain. I know that I can now plant my new cuttings from the greenhouse and also treat myself to a trip to the garden nursery to stock up on some new varieties as well.

Business is somewhat like my flower bed – its hard work, can be a little painful, but its very rewarding. When planning for your business ensure you know the end result you want and are aiming for, what will be your reward for achieveing this. Then when things are a little tough just look at your goals, look at the end results you will have and consider the rewards you will gain.

Well I am off to the garden nursery later, with my hand covered in plasters but I am most satisfied and really looking forward to the colourful display I can now expect in my garden this summer just with a little planning, persistance and determination!

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