Customer Care and Communications – how strong are yours?

I have recently experienced both excellent levels of customer care and communication, and sadly very poor levels from companies that should know better! It is a reflection on your business and therefore ultimately on you in my opinion.

Do you know what your clients experience is with your business? How do they feel they are treated when they are in contact with you or demand some form of customer care or customer service?

I was in McDonalds last week with my young daughter (for the first time in months I must stress) and was left to feel under-valued and it was almost a struggle to gain any form of service at all out of their staff. We simply wished to order two burger meals without cheese, very simple really, however you would have thought I was asking for the world. Then we were left to wait for our simple request, without any form of communication or up date as to what was happening I was left standing with my daughter while they created burgers without cheese.

Now dont get me wrong, it means they were freshly cooked for us, etc, but we were not told this, nor even provided with an idea of the time it would take. They were not overly busy and there was no offer for us to sit down and they would bring it over!

Just a little communication would have made us feel so much more comfortable and happy with how we were being treated!

However I also experienced almost the complete opposite at my local library only this week. I am currently do quite a lot of research and they couldn’t have been more helpful and I felt they were genuinely interested in me and my project too. Since then I have been singing their praises to everyone and anyone… all great PR for them isnt it.

Sometimes going just that little bit further with your efforts can make such a huge difference to a customer, their impressions of you and your company and of course then what they say about your company to others.

RememberWord of mouth is one of the most wonderful forms of marketing and of course it is free!

I suggest you regularly ask your customers for feedback on your customer care and communications, and maybe even consider using undercover customers to “test” your business and if you have staff, then your staff too. Only then will you truly know what is happening and the experience your own customers have. If necessary you you can then improve it or build upon it.

Consider it make of your marketing plan and essential to your business growth and development.

Let me know what you think about customer care, communications and how it relates to marketing please. I would love to hear your opinions and ideas on this topic!

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