Delivering more than you promise!

Just this week I experienced a really disappointing level of customer care from a company I thought should have known better… They had promised all sorts of things for which in return I had paid a premium price for their services, however I was left disappointed and let down!

The moral of this story is quite simple do you under promise and over deliver surprising your clients in a pleasant way or do you promise the earth and then struggle to deliver. Its the little things that can make such a difference to a clients view of your company and whether they decide to use you again, refer they friends or just get online and tell everyone how awful you are!

Think for a moment of all the little things you could do for your client to just push the levels of service, care and impression that little bit higher so they are wowed and impressed instead of disappointed and let down. It needn’t cost anything more or even take much time, but could make the world of difference to them and your business.

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