Is Your Website Pulling Its Weight?

Is your website really pulling its weight for you? Is it actually performing its purpose and getting you results? Do you know the simplest mistakes that so many companies are making constantly with their websites?

It amazes me just how many companies have websites that are of poor quality, no contact information on them or full of dead links or is even a dead link itself! So many of these mistakes can be dealt with with simple management and good old test and measure are regular intervals. BUT there are actually five mistakes that can completely cripple your website and therefore your business.

1 – Does it stand out? Or is it just another clone of yet another website? Its no good investing in a website for it to just look like your competitors! Where the logic in that? How is that going to make you stand out and have people keep coming back to you? It will properly just confuse potential clients and lose you business. Make sure you put some personality into and be different, stand out and position yourself aside from the competition. Yes you may lose a small percentage of business because you are different but you will gain far far more!

2 – Did you or do you obsess over the “look” of the website? Come on the size of your logo or getting a colour 100% correct or insisting on a Flash intro everytime someone goes to your site isnt important, in fact in the case of the Flash video it will just annoy many people! The actual reality of it is that constantly fiddling and playing around with the look and feel of the website will rarely generate an huge flood of extra business. People want information, they want to be able to find it easily and that is what makes a difference.

3 – Is your content just a ground for me, me, me and offer nothing to potential clients? Or does its pages offer information for potential clients that is of use? Its really important to give your clients and potential clients information about your products and services and how it will fix their problem, make they feel great or be the answer to their search! Put yourself in your clients shoes – what questions are they actually going to have? Why would they be interested in your service or product? Try to avoid using words like I or we and use you a lot as if you are having a one to one conversation with the person.

4 – Do you have a plan to drive traffic to your website or does it just sit their gathering dust waiting for visitors? Have a website isnt simply enough as people wont visit it because they dont know it is there! Creating a plan for your wesbite doesnt have to be difficult, complicated or even expensive, but you do need at least 5 to 10 different ways of driving that traffic to your website. There are loads of ways of creating traffic from SEO to Google, Twitter to Facebook and even simply having a link in your email signature! Think about it and do it – create an online marketing plan in addition to your standard company marketing plan for the business in general.

5 – Wasting the opportunity to capture data! This comes back to test and measure again basically as you need to know who these visitors are and whether your website is working. You have two methods of capturing data – firstly your website stats that will provide basic information like pages visited, time on site, etc, but the most effect and powerful is actually asking for and capturing individuals personal contact information! Do you have an enewsletter signup form or do you offer a freebie like a short ebook or tips, etc in return for name and email address? This is so valuable as you can then stay in contact with these individuals and remind them of your business and the amazing service or products you can offer them!

Come on folks lets make those websites work for your hosting and create more valuable leads for your business 🙂

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